Strategies to Fight Global HIV & TB

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    The Problem

    HIV and TB are globally interconnected, as TB is the leading cause of death for those living with HIV.

    CDC’s Center for Global Health, Division of HIV & TB (DGHT) has set progressive goals for the reduction of morbidity and mortality caused by HIV/AIDS and TB.  DGHT seeks to achieve the greatest worldwide impact, especially among the poorest and most marginalized groups that carry the greatest disease burden. Achieving these goals requires coordinated deployment of resources combined with comprehensive communication strategies targeting public health personnel, health care providers, and the general public. DGHT tasked Karna to provide high-quality communications support, including the strategic use of communications platforms and channels to optimize reach in promoting program contributions to the fight against global HIV/AIDS.

    The Solution

    In response, Karna executed an integrated strategic communication plan providing project management support, key messaging development, graphic design, and formal evaluation to build awareness and understanding of DGHT’s role, contributions, programs, and policies. The strategic communication plan clearly defined objectives, key audiences, messages, relevant activities and tailored materials for each audience, and a timeline for implementation. To inform the overarching communication strategy, Karna conducted environmental scans and monitoring to determine emerging issues and trends that were applicable to DGHT. Using this analysis, we developed data-driven strategies, messaging, and products that were relevant and responsive. Key messages were incorporated in products such as; factsheets, success stories, and social media cards and were distributed according to the most effective tactics. Karna monitored and evaluated all communication efforts for effectiveness and reach.

    The Results

    Karna has been instrumental in DGHT’s fight against HIV and TB through communication and dissemination of findings and research. This is evidenced by increased activity on DGHT websites and social-media, downloads of newsletters, products, and materials and national and international media coverage on targeted messages and information that produced expected outcomes and addressed stakeholders’ needs.