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Improving the population’s health through transformational strategies, evidence based approaches, and effective technologies.

Health Communication
Population Health

Delivering high quality

Program Policy/Evaluation

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Health Outcomes, Cost, and Effectiveness Evaluations

We evaluate outcomes and effectiveness of programs / practices / interventions / technologies designed to improve health systems, diagnostic, treatment, and disease management


  • Health and economic outcomes of interventions and practices

  • Epidemiologic surveillance and risk factor monitoring

  • Performance measurement

Health Promotion, Strategies, and Challenges

Karna provides health communication services and training solutions to bring important public health messages to our communities. Our services include:

  • Strategy Development and Planning

  • Key Message Creation

  • Campaign Execution

  • Social Media Advertising and Marketing

  • Website Design and Graphics

  • Expert Panel and Advisory Boards

Strengthening messaging

Health Communication


Using scientific methods

Health Analytics


Actionable Data Intelligence, Data Sciences, and Statistical Design

Addressing data aggregation and analytic challenges as care providers, including fragmented data sources, poor interoperability, and difficulty developing algorithms that can accurately predict and prepare stakeholders for response to public health needs meet hurdles to implementing action.

  • Statistical design and analysis

  • Data science capabilities

Measurements and Pattern of Determinants

Karna uses evidence-based scientific processes and best practices to translate research into action to achieve an outcome for a specific population. This kind of application can mean evaluating whether your workplace health program is working, rolling out a systems-wide weight management software, or using technology to enhance remote patient engagement. Leverage our expertise in translation and application to achieve positive outcomes for the target population in your upcoming project.

Improving impact

Population Health Applications

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Coordination, development and coaching

Training & Technical Assistance

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Leveraging the Latest Approaches and Models

Coordinating, developing, and providing training is one of our core capabilities. From complete competency-based curricula to one-off seminars, our team has designed and executed training programs for international and external audiences, awardees and stakeholders, and for internal audiences.

We leverage the latest approaches and models for adult learning to provide an impact on your program.

Our approach to training incorporates multiple learning style theories to yield measurable results. We plan and employ diverse training delivery methodologies, including distance-learning technologies (e.g., Web-based techniques with global audiences), on-demand sessions (recorded webinars), and traditional approaches like on-site training sessions with follow-up coaching.

Applied Science for Population Health and Well-being

We evaluate outcomes and effectiveness of programs / practices / interventions / technologies designed to improve health systems, diagnostic, treatment, and disease management.

  • Research Support

  • Study Design

  • Statistical Analyses

  • Technical Assistance (TA)

  • Laboratory Quality and Safety

  • Evaluation / Assessment

Leveraging our expertise

Public Health Research & Support

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