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Improving the population’s health through transformational strategies, evidence based approaches, and effective technologies.

Cost-effective, Integrated Systems and Processes

We offer core Third Party Administration (TPA) services with tailored management and integration capabilities for limited benefit and special population health plans. We combine best-in-class TPA solutions with customized configurations to meet healthcare industry standards and the unique requirements of these specialized health plans.

Our healthcare TPA services span member benefits and customer services, provider network and relations management, medical benefits policy management, Prior Authorizations and Utilization Management, claims processing, TPA data and business information management, and enhanced stakeholder engagement via member, provider, and business partner portals.

Our integrated approach reduces redundancies, increases continuity across systems and stakeholders, and improves the portability of services and data. Our approach ensures high-volume processing as well as end-to-end management and continuous improvement of enterprise-wide business processes.

Specializing in limited benefit health plan management

Tailored Third Party Administration

Delivering high quality

Program Policy and Evaluation

Health Outcomes, Cost, and Effectiveness Evaluations

Karna understands that continuous improvement is essential for public health programs to have meaningful, long-term impact. A program must be effective in order to best improve the health and livelihood of populations. We help government agencies and non-government organizations to better understand the effectiveness of their programs and discover areas of improvement so they can have a greater influence on population health. 

Karna’s team of public health experts uses rigorous evaluation methods to examine the entire program design – from data collection processes and technologies to health communications and organizational structures. Our evidence-based approach allows us to offer data-driven recommendations and implement program improvements that help you meet strategic goals and objectives while driving better health outcomes.

Health Promotion, Strategies, and Challenges

Karna delivers impactful health messages to communities through communication services. We help clients clearly define communication project objectives from the start, facilitating the development of a sound plan for reaching targeted populations, implementing the plan through various channels, and gathering outcome data to assess return-on-investment. Karna’s experienced staff manages and supports all aspects of strategic planning, development and evaluation for health communication campaigns across multiple divisions within CDC.

Strengthening messaging

Health Communication

Using scientific methods

Health Analytics

Actionable Data Intelligence, Data Sciences, and Statistical Design

We help public health and clinical healthcare organizations collect, categorize, analyze, and act on the wealth of data available to them from traditional quantitative data like surveys, surveillance activities, observations, and reported metrics to non-traditional data like text and images embedded in medical records, research data, and healthcare applications. This empowers our clients to identify patterns and emerging health challenges faster, analyze information more efficiently, and make more accurate and replicable decisions to better serve their stakeholders.

Our data scientists are experts in traditional statistical applications, modern data science methods, and the design and deployment of custom tools to leverage these capabilities efficiently and reliably at scale in real-time.

Measurements and Pattern of Determinants

Karna uses evidence-based scientific processes and best practices to translate research into action to achieve an outcome for a specific population. This kind of application can mean evaluating whether your workplace health program is working, rolling out a systems-wide weight management software, or using technology to enhance remote patient engagement. Leverage our expertise in translation and application to achieve positive outcomes for the target population in your upcoming project.

Improving impact

Population Health Applications

Leveraging the latest models and approaches

Technical Assistance

Planning, Consultation, Implementation, and Engagement

Karna uses a holistic approach to assist regional, state, and local public health organizations with implementing programs and improving public health outcomes. With years of experience in public and private health, our team takes a deep dive into your business processes, organizational structure, technology systems, and community support systems to identify strengths to capitalize on and generate creative strategies to resolve any known issues. 

Whether it is a new program or a new direction, we consult with your team and other key stakeholders to understand the challenges and provide the necessary tools and expert advice to help you overcome them. We recognize that every community is different. To provide technical assistance, we work closely with them through consultation calls, deployment, training, and tailored planning. We also help local and regional teams identify and address questions and concerns within their own communities, inform and educate health providers, and engage community partners and trusted messengers. Our goal is to advance and amplify overall public health impact.

Applied Science for Population Health and Well-being

Karna provides outcomes-driven research and evaluation consulting services to government, commercial and non-profit organizations to speed efforts to turn research into practice. This comprehensive and systematic approach employs evidence-based research, evaluation, surveillance, and capacity-building activities that demonstrate positive impact. 

Leveraging our expertise

Public Health Research and Support

Coordinating, developing, and coaching


Training, Conference Planning, and Meeting Facilitation

We deliver training, provide meeting facilitation, and conference planning for everything from one-off internal training and capacity-building programs to wide-scale initiatives that link relevant groups across the public health system. We have developed and executed curricula to tackle some of our most critical public health challenges. Through needs assessments and gap analyses, we help identify the greatest barriers to success and develop plans to overcome them.

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