Global Health

The Karna team works on global health issues, both on-site in foreign countries and from our offices and client’s offices here in the United States. Our range of work in support of global health spans our range of capabilities: Management Consulting, Information Technology, Training and Health Communications, Scientific Research, Evaluation and Laboratory.

Karna holds two contracts under CDC’s Domestic Professional, Administrative and Medical Support (DPAMS) contract. These contracts are in support of Professional and Medical Services. The contract is designed to support CDC’s global health initiatives with staff that travel abroad, but based in the United States.

Our work in Tanzania combines our laboratory expertise with our training team to support the CDC’s Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program (FELTP) startup within Tanzania. Karna has staff based in Tanzania who are working closely with CDC, the Tanzania Ministry of Health and districts to implement the local FELTP, based on improvements from prior work in Kenya.

Karna also works to protect international traveler’s health through our contracts with CDC’s Division of Global Migration and Quarantine. Under this multi-year support contract Karna staff provide a range of support services that include hands- on support for data collection and prevention activities at airports and ports of entry to devising communication plans and materials in response to emergent issues such as Ebola and Zika.

Our technology team is building a SharePoint Reporting Solution to facilitate the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) IAA reporting at the Center and Division levels. Currently, CGH Programs and the Office of the Director do not have an efficient manner to track funding per IAA given the fact that IAAs can have many CANs associated with them. Karna is implementing a tool to automate reports, which will enable the tracking of funds per IAA and increase visibility into spending practices.

These are just some highlights of our global health work and capabilities. For more information, look at our engagement examples or contact Derrick Demmons at, our Director of Global Health.