Communications support of CDC's Division of Global HIV and TB

CDC’s Division of Global HIV & TB (DGHT) within the Center for Global Health (CGH), manages a wide array of communications projects and activities to optimize internal and external communications to support the achievement of organizational and programmatic goals. In addition, DGHT provides enterprise-wide communications, including newsletters, internal meetings and an intranet and SharePoint site. External communications includes web, social media, media relations, external newsletters and targeted communication products and coordination with external partners.

Karna provides high quality communications support to DGHT, including the strategic use of communications platforms and channels to optimize program contributions to the fight against global HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis. Services include internal enterprise-wide communications spanning 44 country offices and a large Atlanta headquarters contingent of over 1500 personnel. Karna's work includes issues assessment and prioritization, communications strategy, and product development (including promotional materials, reports, and routine communications in the form of key messages and newsletter and brochure content). External communications support includes media materials, blogs, newsletters, social media posts, videos, and stakeholder and policymaker communications. For both internal and external products, strong graphic design support is provided to produce high quality, professional looking products to engage DGHT’s priority audiences. Event support includes logistical and coordinating support as well as a photographer and videographer for meetings.