About Karna

Karna provides health services to the government and has been recognized as one of the top 15 "fastest growing companies" in Atlanta.
We support Federal agencies in the areas of science, research, technology, lab, communications, and management consulting. 
The name "Karna" is inspired by Hindu mythology. Karna was a great warrior - an archer who never missed. Throughout his life he kept his word under all circumstances and lived by the highest standards of integrity. As a company, Karna works to embody these same principles and strive to always being "on target." Like an archer, Karna works with our clients to develop and/or understand a vision for what needs to be accomplished; we focus on the milestones and work, ultimately achieving the desired results.

Our Vision: Improve the population's health through transformational strategies, evidence-based approaches, and effective technologies.

Our Mission: Engender client loyalty by providing high value professional services and impactful solutions - delivered in a spirit of partnership and service - with a focus on integrity, excellence, and goal attainment. Foster individual growth through opportunities, challenges, and mentorship in our organization and our communities.

Our Values: We live our values every day in our work with our clients, partners, and fellow associates.

  • Integrity

    Acting in an honest, ethical, and forthright manner; doing nothing that puts the employee's or Karna's reputation at risk; avoiding conflicts of interest.

  • Excellence

    Taking pride in the quality of work that we deliver and ensuring that it meets our own high standards.

  • Results-Focused

    A focus on achieving the planned goals and objectives of our work, on time, and with the expected quality. 

  • Professionalism

    A high-level of skill, conduct, good judgment, and respectful behavior.

  • Open and Honest Communications

    Working collaboratively and openly with our clients and each other.