Health Communications and Training

Delivering impactful health messages to our communities through health communication services and training solutions.

Strategy Development and Planning

Karna helps our clients clearly define a project from the start, enabling sound outcome measurement and quick return-on-investment. From purpose statement through analysis, stakeholder identification, channel evaluation, and planning, Karna’s experienced staff can both lead and support health communication and training program development.

Key Message Creation

Positive outcomes rely on appropriate and relevant audience messaging. Evaluating targeted audiences helps assure messages are precise and maintain continuity across communication campaigns. Karna can develop culturally appropriate and targeted messaging across a host of public health programs.

Campaign Execution

Successful communications campaigns use an organized set of activities, varied by time, audience, and media. Our staff has worked with CDC on such large scale communications programs as CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Review (MMWR) as well as targeted events such as the HIV Awareness Day.

Social Media Advertising and Marketing

We know social media is critical to reaching audiences and can design and implement a social media strategy which will produce results. Our experience includes social media management platforms, networking sites, blogs, and photo and video sharing.

Materials Development

Content and graphics will take many forms. Karna’s Health Communications team works to develop appropriate materials for the desired audience(s). Our portfolio includes everything from factsheets to infographics, videos and more.

Website Design and Graphics

Karna has experience in delivering not only content, but also Section 508 compliance, organizational conformance, and Plain Language. We’ve developed updated content for a diverse array of programs including MMWR, the Center for Global Health, Global Migration and Quarantine, and the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

Training Program Creation and Delivery

Coordinating, developing, and providing training is a core Karna capability. We leverage the latest adult learning approaches and models, positively impacting program outcomes. We can develop and execute training programs for internal, external, and even international audiences.

Expert Panel and Advisory Boards

Setting up a new expert panel, focus group, or advisory board requires significant planning and logistics. Karna has a wide range of contacts and partners across the public health spectrum with whom we can connect. Our services include virtual and physical groups and meetings, facilitation, transcription, and subsequent analysis.

Clients who need to contact Karna regarding a current or potential contract can send email to or use our Contact Form.