Foundations are an integral part of pushing altruistic, scientific discovery, public health, and service missions aimed at improving our public and population health.

At Karna, we understand that foundations are in a unique position to influence population health priorities. Our aim is to partner with foundations in order to improve the strategies and implementation of both novel and proven population health initiatives.

Karna partners with foundations in many areas including the following:

Stakeholders Outreach and Strategic Consensus

Karna helps to identify and provide outreach and logistical support for stakeholders that contribute to strategic initiatives for foundations. We understand the unique roles of foundations in engaging thought leaders, community engagement, and adjunct support to commercial, government, and community based organizations. Karna shares interests in many of the same populations and therefore seeks to leverage relationships in order to achieve greater consensus and forward motion in addressing the most difficult problems facing populations in our communities.

Community Engagement, Evaluation and Planning

We understand the importance of establishing a scientifically defensible evaluation framework for community education and outreach activities.  We provide an outsider’s view of community needs and help form an objective plan that is reasonable, sustainable, and extensible.  We have particular expertise in evaluating populations of greatest need, and can help measure impact on those communities in a manner that is respectful and culturally and linguistically appropriate.  We provide estimates of Return on Investment for community outreach, which helps foundations understand where its efforts and funding are having the greatest impact.

Evidence-Based Health Evaluation and Design

Karna uses public health evidence to aid in the process of deciding what the health needs are in communities.  We provide a framework for continuous evaluation of effectiveness over time, as well as an economic analysis to validate return-on-investment value propositions. In all cases, we help link outcomes with scalable sustainability.

Special Populations Engagement and Social Determinants of Health

Karna’s understanding of engaging populations based on where they are born, live, learn, work, play, worship and age enables us to create programs specific to meet their needs. We have seen a dramatic effect on health outcomes by reaching communities where they are and creating engagement to impact their health in a manner that is culturally and linguistically appropriate.  By providing evidenced-based approaches to engagement, we ensure that the right plans are applied to the right people at the right time and in the right manner.  These strategies point to deeper engagement, better retention, and improved health.

Impact and ROI Analysis

In order to afford health strategies for communities, one has to understand the costs and the benefits. We provide qualitative and quantitative framework development, evaluation strategies, and reproducible outcomes analyses for those seeking to understand the R.O.I. of health and wellness. Our experience allows us to combine modern data architecture with business informatics to effectively design and validate current outcomes using clinical, administrative, or research data. We provide clinical context to administrative data so that decision support strategies can be appropriately developed and interpreted. In all of these cases, it makes it easier for foundations to better invest in high-impact community activities.

Chronic Disease Management Evaluation, Design and Integration

Chronic diseases are the biggest threats to populations served by foundations. We are able to use evidence-based strategies to advocate, plan, and help manage the chronic diseases that have the greatest impact, e.g. diabetes, hypertension, COPD, kidney disease, HIV, and opioid dependence. We rely on validated approaches to evaluate existing disease management strategies, establishing appropriate evaluation frameworks and then comparing programs to others that are already validated in order to refine or redesign programs to yield greater clinical and cost outcomes.  We assist foundations in evaluating which strategies yield the greatest impact for their populations of interest.

Opioid Use Treatment Integration and Community Coordination of Care

We acutely understand the devastating effects that the prolonged opioid epidemic is having on our communities and also understand that many communities lack the infrastructure and coordination to effectively treat impacted families. Karna’s expert resources help design programs to coordinate care, provide community education, psychosocial services, interventions and recovery systems to support long term improvements in substance use disorder care. We also provide a framework to allow for more effective employer/employee/health provider collaboration in coordinating care among impaired employees undergoing treatment. Our engagements provide assistance calculating Return On Investment valuation of existing and proposed systemic treatment strategies so that foundations can ensure they are pursuing the most sustainable programs.